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Fire Safety Signs

The series product of the Photoluminescent type emergency evacuation system is the new product developed based on our own excellent light-storing photoluminescent materials. It can glow in darkness for more than 12 hours (3mcd/m2)continuously after it has absorbed various visible lights for 15-30 minutes. It can be used repeatedly, with long service life. The product is characterized by easy installation, no power supply or maintenance, resistance to high temperature and impact, and high safety. It is widely applied to ships, airplanes, public buildings, commercial centers, safety facilities, plants, mines and other enterprises, used to guide the evacuation, indicate relevant equipments, and serve as warnings or indicators.

At present, our Photoluminescent safety signs have been considered as the latest high-tech products in China, which are extensively used in the fire-fighting areas in foreign countries. For example, they played a very important role for emergency evacuation in US World Trade Towers during the 9.11 attacks. In the meantime, our products are also welcomed in China’s shopping malls, hotels, public facilities, and entertainment centers, as well as a great many enterprises and units. Fire fighting departments of various levels have attached importance to the extension of our products. And some provinces even dispatched documents for popularizing the products.

Now, our Photoluminescent emergency evacuation products include the Photoluminescent emergency evacuation signs, luminous signs for fire facilities, luminous indicators, and luminous stair steps.