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Glow Pigment Using For Screen Printing

These kinds of glow pigment can be used for Screen printing, Can be applied in Photoluminescent safety signs, label identification, print dress and etc.


Indication position: can be applied in switch of home appliance, control board, plug, lock, electric torch, stairway, fire protection facility, fire alarm, lifesaving tools etc

Safety fields: show safety indication effect in fields as below:signs, warning items writing, emergency passenger way, subway station, underground passage, blindage project, hospital, dancing hall, video room, refuge shelter, helmet, bicycle etc

Building:can be applied in building wall, tiles, inside surface of elevator, bridge, roads, sea ports etc. both decoration and application value has been achieved

Others: arts and crafts, amber, sand crystal, glass, painting works; toys: plastic toys and piece together pictures; clothing: shoes, caps, working uniform, helmet, transfer pictures, printing graph clothing; calendar, fishing tools

Each type of long-after-glow pigment has its optimal application condition and limits, pls. take a reference of application instruction for long-after-glow pigment or consult technical department