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Photoluminescent PVC rigid Board &Film& Tape

Photoluminescent Self-Adhesive Vinyl

The PL self-adhesive vinyl is a luminescent product produced on the basis of long afterglow photoluminescent powder, a component that is independently developed by HuiHai. It is a photoluminescent film made of soft plastic, backed with adhesive paper, nontoxic and harmless. It doesn’t contain any radioactive elements and is characterized by quick light absorption, longer afterglow and longer service life.

The substrate material of this photoluminescent film is PVC resin, which is mixed with photoluminescent materials under specific process. It is stable in areas with large temperature difference, features quick light absorption and long afterglow duration, and takes the lead in luminance, thermoplastic and adhesive performance among all its peers.


(1)Films of special specifications can be separately produced to tailor to customer’s requirements

(2)OEM is permissible.


(1)Photoluminescent vinyl film made from PVC plastic can resist flame to some extent.

(2)Able to resist salty solution and detergent (can be washed with detergent);

(3)Functional in heat and coldness at the temperature range of -20 to 50℃;

(4)Excellent physical and mechanical properties;

(5)Has instant adhesiveness and can be glued to the surface of general objects

Application Scope

After the film is cut into specific shapes, they can be applied in the following conditions:

(1)Location Indicators: They can be applied to the surface of following objects: switches for electric appliances,remote control panel, wall switches, plugs, receptacles, locks, hand torches, door handles, handrails,fire extinguishers, fire alarms, lifesaving devices, etc. Signs made of photoluminescent vinyl film can be glued to the place where the said object exists for the purpose of convenient operation.

(2)Safety Markings: They can be applied to the following places to give safety indication and warming: emergency exits and passages, subway stations, underground passages, civil air defense projects, Kara OK hall, dance halls,cinemas, supermarket stores, hospitals, railway stations, airports, terminals, etc.

Notes & Notices for Use

(1)It should be applied to evenly spread surface at the temperature of 10~40℃.

(2)Photoluminescent self-adhesive vinyl can be cut into different shapes and glued to specific place (such as telephone set, switch, etc) for decoration and indication.

(3)Photoluminescent self-adhesive vinyl surface can be printed with silk screen pattern or word to have a substrate glow effect.

(4)When the film is applied to the surface of any object, it should be cleaned and free of oil stain, dust, and any other impurity.

(5)Because the film expands in heat and shrinks in coldness, cautious storage is required for film after specific cutout. Meanwhile, it should be clamped or pressed with weight to prevent distortion and curling.

(6)Back paper of the film should be removed before use. The film should be applied to object surface with certain press. Special notice should be given to the corner and film edge during application.

(7)To guarantee the luminance, photoluminescent self-adhesive vinyl of same series will have color difference with respect to different lots.

(8)For a photoluminescent self-adhesive vinyl exceed 10M in length, there will be a laced junction. 9.The remaining film (roll) after application should be enlaced as tightly as possible.

Package & Storage

(1)Package: in roll or sheet, externally packaged with plastic film

(2)Storage: stored in ventilated, dry, and cool warehouse whose ambient temperature is 10-40 ℃ and relative humidity below 70%.