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Glow Materials using For Architectural ornament

The light-emitting characteristics of the glow materials, they can be widely used in building decoration engineering. Now in the market there have photoluminescent stair nosing, photoluminescent place logo, photoluminescent stone ,photoluminescent glass floor tile and etc.

Photoluminescent Stair nosing

Stair NosingPhotoluminescent products continue to glow in the absence of power. Even if back-up power systems fall, photoluminescent surfaces such as the inserts in these stair nosings continue to emit light, make them the ultimate in emergency safety features.
Stair nosings are generally made from non-stick substances such as rubber. Photoluminescent stair nosings are made

instead from aluminmum with a special insert. The aluminum helps prevent stair wear and tear and prevents slipping. In this way, photoluminescent stair nosings provide the same safety features as other stair nosings.

However, photoluminescent inserts add a bonus safety feature. The photoluminescent insert is essentially glow-in-the-dark. In an emergency situation, these photoluminescent inserts will help guide the building's inhabitants to safety. During an emergency evacuation in a situation involving a power outage, people will still be able to see and use the stairs safely as the photoluminescent stair nosings point the way.
HuiHai`s photoluminescent stair nosings are made of aluminum with a special photoluminescent insert,the size,shapes,luminosity,thickness and appearance colour can be made according to the specific requirements from our customers.
HuiHai`s photoluminescent stair nosings have the below characteristics:
*Self Rechargeable 
*Easy Installation
*Non Toxic and harless
*Environmentally Friendly
*Non radioactive
*No wiring or batteries
*No energy consumed
*Glow more than 12 hours after charging visible light for 5-10 minutes

Installation: photoluminescent stair nosings can be installed by screws or glues.

Photoluminescent Glass Floor Tile

Photoluminescent materials can be used into the glass materials so that the glass can emitting light in the dark lasting more than 12 hours.

Photoluminescent Glass Floor Tile

The normal place logo just can be show that where you are want to going, just the daytime, when in the dark, the place name can not show you clearly, but the photoluminescent place logo can be clearly saw that in the dark.